How to get rid of papillomas and warts

Papillomas on the human body

Papilloma is not often perceived as a small flaw, if the localization supply physical ailments. However, despite the insignificance of the external symptoms of the disease, the presence of papillomas is a Symptom of viral lesions of the body, its further development, can have unpredictable consequences.

What is a papilloma is?

Papilloma is a Tumor on the surface of the skin or of the mucous membrane. The symptoms can range from broad leathery flows, several outstanding over the surface of the skin, to significantly protruding outgrowths of elongated shape, located on the stem. The arrangement can be in the group, which often leads to the formation of a single mass with a serrated surface, or individual. Also, the localization of the papillomas of the outer skin surface of the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose vary, genital and internal organs.

The perpetrators of violation of the structure of the surface of the skin layer is the human Papillomavirus (HPV), which causes the penetration in the cell, that there is uncontrolled division, leading to the formation of warts.

To date, more than 500 types of papilloma viruses, of which many are in the situation, not only the emergence of warts, but also benign or malignant neoplasms cause.
What development will depend on the formation of new, provocative, the papilloma virus, of the kind of Penetration into the cell of the epithelium. There are two types of parasitism of the Virus in the cell:

  • episomally;
  • internal company.

Episomally way, the penetration of the Virus into the nucleus of the epithelial cells, and the further existence without their genetic structure. This existence of a benign character.

In the case of inter-communion method, the Virus integrated into the chromosome of the cell, owing to what, the further division acquires the malignant Form.

Reasons for the formation of papillomas

Very often, long HPV remains in the tissues of the people, without any clinical symptoms. The impetus for the activation of the activity of the Virus, in General, serves the reduction of the immune properties of the organism, the infected, affected Virus.

The reason for the decline of immunity can be:

  • inflammatory diseases of a chronic character;
  • Stress;
  • duration of stress (emotional and physical);
  • Infectious diseases;
  • Disorders of the endocrine system;
  • Disorders of the digestive system;
  • Avitaminosis.

Types of papillomas and their education

Simple Papillomas. Small seal with a rigid rough surface, a round or oval shape, not more than 2-3 mm in diameter. Can be used individually or in groups, to form merged into a continuous surface. Usually affects the hands (wrist, fingers, elbow); legs (king's meadow, feet).

Appear on the body, for a long time the original Form, then you will begin to proliferate, forming, often, a scattering of growths, the so-called mosaic papillomatosis.

Flat Papillomas. Have a different shape and a height of about 1 mm. In the formation of the color and the quality of the surface of the skin, and therefore, there is at first glance not visible. Localization:

  • Face (Chin, Forehead);
  • Arms (Shoulders, Forearm, Hand).

In contrast to papillomas, the formation of flat accompanied asymptomatic, itching and irritation and redness of the affected area.

Filamentary Papillomavirus (acrochordus). Be especially in persons older than 45 years. The Form of an elongated training, up to 5 mm long, filamentous, or on a round stem. Most of the time on are:

  • Century;
  • Neck;
  • Forearm Italia;
  • between the buttocks;
  • in the groin;
  • under the milk glands.

Self-acrochordus do not cause any discomfort, but because of their location, can injure while driving and cause pain.

Spitzer Papillomas (Warts). Susceptible to infection with young people up to the age of 35 years. This type of Virus has the shape of an elongated excrescence pink or grey color, is mainly caused by sexually and lesions:

  • Of The Anus;
  • Genitalia (Vagina and labia in women and the opening of the urethra and Glans Penis in men);
  • Language;
  • the mucosal surface of the mouth;
  • Lips.

After infection, the incubation period is 1-6 months. Viruses, provoked the warts development of genital, belong to the group of medium or high risk of development of oncological diseases and are able to be the cause for the development of colon cancer, cancer of the reproductive organs in men and women.

How dangerous is HPV for women

The extent of the risk of occurrence of oncological diseases human Papilloma-Virus (HPV) is divided into 3 types:

  1. Low-risk HPV-oncological diseases;
  2. HPV average risk of cancer;
  3. HPV with a high risk of cancer.

Found that several types of Papilloma virus in relation to the group with a high risk of cancer, cause cervical cancer in women. The Tests have shown that cervical cancer only occurs in the case of infection papillomavirusom. In the absence of HPV in the body, cervical cancer does not develop.

Today, vaccination against two types of human, the development of cervical cancer and cancer of the sexual organs is more and more frequently.

Methods of infection

Due to the Schlierbach spread of HPV, and its sustainability against external influences, the risk of infection is very large. Virus of the papilloms can be transferred:

  1. Sexually. The most common type of infection with sharp-edged kondilomi. It is worth noting that the use of a condom is not a barrier for the penetration of the Virus, how it can be transmitted by touch;
  2. At the time of birth. In this case, the infection from the mother. Observed the formation of papillomas on the oral mucosa or in the genital area of the newborn. Very often, these papillomas are independent;
  3. Through everyday. In connection with the long preservation of the vitality, the Virus can be transmitted by body contact or community of goods. Especially the increased risk of in saunas, swimming pools or public toilets.
  4. Samsarajade by damage to the epithelium. The Virus may be due to viruses, such as shaving, injury or aches and pains.

The possibilities of the treatment

Method for the treatment of papillomas

In modern medicine there is no truly effective drug which is able to destroy the Virus, or to limit the way of its penetration into the body. Medical Intervention is normally based on the distance of the impact of the activity of the Virus, Papilloma-or tissue-neoplasms malignant character. In the case of the necessity of purposeful influence on the HPV therapeutic effect is in the following areas:

  1. Elimination of diseases as a cause of the weakening of the immunity;
  2. The recovery of the immune system of the patient;
  3. Effects on papilloma virus anti viral medications;
  4. The removal of the warts.

With the goal of restoring the immunity, drugs used, which is an immune-stimulating action. You are able to impact on the tissue metabolism, and activates the defenses of the cells.

In the list of immunomodulating agent comprises:

  • Drugs, stimulates the production of Interferon;
  • Drugs, the hormonal Stimuli.

Also, the positive effect on the activation of the immune system makes Vitamin therapy. As a direct influence on the activity of the Virus in the cells, as well as with the aim of prevention of infection, use protivovirusnye means.

By the method of exposure, antiviral drugs are divided into:

  • the virus destroy the immune system;
  • directly impact on the cycle of activity of the Virus.

The removal is done in the following way:

  • Method of surgical Intervention;
  • Removal with the help of the laser;
  • Electro-coagulation (on the affected area effect from the high-frequency current);
  • Destruction of diseased tissue with the help of liquid nitrogen;
  • the removal of the warts with the help of chemical substances (chemical cauterization).

Method for the treatment of papillomas at home

The treatment of papillomas at home is based on the same principles as in the official medical practice. In the first line of active therapy of disorders should be the cause of the weakening of immunity.

The normalization of the work of the gastro-intestinal tract, is one of the priority places in the restoration of the body's own resistance. In addition, a number of home funds available, the reach for regular use, an effect comparable to the influence of drugs the following applies:

  • Tincture of garlic. For the treatment Massage or alcoholate is. Garlic has a pronounced anti-viral activity, thanks to its content of substances allicin. Allicin is also capable of immune-stimulating and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Decoction of celandine. Application to the inside, has an inhibitory effect on the activity of viruses. The application of the juice of celandine, directly to the wart, causing its shrinkage and warping.
  • Potato juice. Well-known for its healing properties. If the intake of anti-inflammatory, anti-toxic effect. In the case of direct application to the skin, activates the regenerative and metabolic processes in the tissues.

It is important to consult With the use of natural remedies with a specialist. For example, celandine itself is toxic, if you do not poison in the right proportions, you need to.

The means for the chemical removal of warts at home

Removal of warts at home, perhaps by a chemical action on the affected area.

In General, the burning of the warts with the help of the following applies:

  • Acetic acid;
  • Ammonia;
  • Hydrogen peroxide;
  • spinnogo pencil;
  • green walnuts, nastoyannie on kerosene.

Systematic effects on the papillomu one of the substances mentioned above, warts are caused by necrosis and the subsequent automatic removal. The integrity of the surrounding tissue, applying chemicals should be careful directly on the wart.

Medium caused by the disturbance of tissue respiration

The rejection of neoplasms, the funds against the supply of oxygen to the tissues contribute. For this purpose, use:

  • Castor oil. Lubrication papillomas, promotes the Option to the disorder of oxygen consumption in the cells. Substance ricin and ricinin, included castor oil, cause destructive changes in the tissue, Papilloma and encourage them to die. When applied to the wart, you should applications, to delete it;
  • Protein. When applied to the affected area, deprives the tissues of oxygen, by the knitting properties. Also an anti-bacterial effect. The application of several layers, up to the formation of a dense crust.
  • The Core Soap. Often carry on papillomu, not to wash away the previous layer. The active effect has an astringent property, dry soap, alkaline environment, as well as stearic acid, in its composition.

What is dangerous is the removal of the papillomas is self

Should not papillomas be removed by tearing or cutting themselves. This removal of papillomas, the risk of the spread of the infection to nearby tissue consists of a. Also in the case of the sole removal of warts, there is a high probability to confuse a simple papillomu with a Tumor, prone to malignant development. For this reason, as a preliminary, you should consult a doctor.