Plantar Wart

Plantar wart — fixed and flat formation on the skin of the foot, a pair of high above your level, and covered with a layer of keratinized epithelium. The main method of diagnosis of plantar warts dermatoskopiya—. The arrangement of the warts on the sole of the foot leads to his constant injuries and the emergence of pain while walking. For this reason, plantar wart treatment requires often, however, it can happen themselves. To the methods of its removal, cryotherapy, electrocoagulation, the removal of the radio waves device or Laser.

plantar wart

General Information

Plantar wart is one of the benign neoplasms of the skin, and is about 34% of all genital warts. Diagnosis and treatment of warts the dermatology. Application of the methods of removal of warts and self-medication is strongly discouraged. Plantar wart deep in the skin of the outgoing root and its incomplete reduction leads to a new growth of the warts, as well as excessive damage to the surrounding tissue — for the development of warts on other parts of the body.

Causes for plantar warts

Papillomas, warts, and all types of warts (common, flat, filiform, plantar) have the same nature — infestation of the body papilloma virus (HPV). The Virus spreads among humans by infected cells of the skin (by contact). The cheapest for him is a moist and warm environment. Therefore, HPV infection often occurs in swimming pools, saunas, swimming pools and sports halls. At work, strong enough immunity to HPV in the human body remains in a latent state, and there are no clinical symptoms. Errors in the immune system leads to the activation of the Virus and the appearance on the skin of the above-mentioned formations.

Development of plantar warts can help reduce excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) or dry skin of the feet, uncomfortable shoes, the compression or friction of the skin of the foot; various foot deformities (flatfoot, deforming osteoarthritis, Arthritis of the small joints of the foot); diseases, disorders of the tissue trophism of the foot (Diabetes, varicose veins of the lower extremities, atherosclerosis, etc.), damage to the skin of the foot.

Symptoms of plantar warts

Plantar a solid clear otgranicennoe seal on the sole is plantar wart. It usually has an oval or circular shape and a size of about 1-2 cm, the formation of 1-3 mm above the General level of the skin. The color of the skin in the area of the plantar warts usually changed, but maybe light brown, or pink.

The surface of the wart at the beginning of your training smoothly. With the time it is layers covered by keratinized Epidermis, is rough and a grey-yellow hue. Sometimes in the middle of plantar warts krateropodobnoe deepening celebrated. Black-brown, you can often see warts on the surface, due to the trombirivaniem superficial capillaries.

In General, plantar wart bears a single character. The appearance of the child warts shows a high activity of the Virus. Multiple warts give the mosaic pattern on the affected area sole and warts as "mosaic".

Occur independently the disappearance of the plantar wart. In this case, it is on the skin of the foot, and no trace remains. But most of the time, due to constant injuries, the permission itself of warts does not happen. Not painful in itself, it begins to cause the patient significant discomfort and even a sharp pain in connection with the friction and the pressure of the wart on the sole of the shoes.

Diagnosis of plantar warts

After his appearance plantar wart often corn or plot reminds hyperkeratosis of the skin. They differ from these formations, only a professional dermatologist can. For this purpose, dermatoskopiya is. In order to better explore the education the doctor produced no scraping of the top layers of the keratinized epithelium. No pattern on the surface of the skin, the formation and identification of a characteristic symptom, "thrombosed capillaries" speak for plantar warts. The positive results of the PCR diagnosis of HPV inficirovannost patients to confirm.

For the determination of the depth of germination of plantar warts patients sonography of the skin-education and training assigned to it. In the case of suspected malignant nature of the training, a consulting Dermato-oncologist. In the case of the detection of deformities and diseases of the foot advice podologa.

Podoshvennuyu wart differ with keratodermiei soles of the feet and palms of the syndrome Raytera. Smaller sizes of the training, not conical and flat shape, a Symptom of "thrombosed capillaries" and no inflammatory changes in the cornified lamellae allow the distinction podoshvennuyu wart of keratodermii. Palmar-plantar sifiloidy wart is a certain similarity with the plantar. The latter distinguishes plural character, painlessness, and the characteristic arrangement in the Form of rings or arcs, a positive RPR Test for Syphilis.

The treatment of plantar warts

the treatment of plantar warts

Plantar remove warts, it is difficult to lower, in comparison to other types of warts, Invasion into the Dermis. For this reason, electric coagulation, for example, is not always suitable for the elimination of warts. Your application is only warts in the case of a flat arrangement of the plantar and is often tissue the formation of scar.

The good results of the cryotherapy is the warts. Your result depends on the experience of the physician, as to the depth of effect can lead to the healing of wounds with scarring and superficial — to a recurrence of the warts. After the treatment with liquid nitrogen at the site of the wart, the bubble does not remain hurt until healed (about 7 days). Remove the Laser gives a better cosmetic result and allows the setting of the depth of the exposure is optimal. Removal of warts with Laser is quick and painless, and the healing takes several days.

For the removal of plantar warts is applied to the radio wave method in which the wart is cut out of the Radio with a knife can be. At the same time, the burning of the vessels, preventing bleeding and penetration of the Virus in the warts in the blood. The surgical excision is suitable for plantar warts of considerable size. It is carried out in the usual scalpel under local anesthesia and may be due to the scarring.

Prevention of plantar warts

Primary prevention the emergence of plantar warts is to prevent infection with HPV. A special attention should be paid to the compulsory wearing individual shoes in public showers, swimming pools and Saunas Of no small importance, especially for people with diseases of the feet, has a right care of the skin of the foot: a regular pedicure, exfoliation of the feet and their treatment razmyagchayuschimi means.

Patients with Deformation of the stop you need orthopedic inserts, orthotics, unloading correctors. In the case of excessive sweating of the feet is important, get use the shoes made of natural materials and podsushivayuschee remedy. In the case of dryness and cracks on the skin of the soles of the feet nutritious and moisturizing need the creams, healing foot bath.

Secondary prevention of plantar warts lies in the appointment of patients, together with the removal of warts, antiviral drugs, and Immuno-correctors.