Papillomas: types, causes, peculiarities of diagnosis and treatment

Papilloma is a papillary growth on the skin or mucous membranes in both women and men. Neoplasms are usually benign, but some strains cause the growth of cancer tumors. If desired, a few pictures to see papillomas in women and men to compare the appearance of the tumor with the projections on the face and body.

Color papillomatous formation can be physical, red, brown. Warts on the genitals often have a brown color and kind of cockscomb ridge.

Many of you know how to see the papillomas, but shy or not feel the need to, refer to specialists. Often papillomatous formation appear on the genitals. The need for the venereal diseases scares many. Connected to this, and later, the beginning of the treatment of papillomas in women and men.


Malignancy viral warts is possible, especially if you are on the mucous membrane of the genital organs, skin. Also, if the kind of papillomas on the photo is not the same as the existing tumors that you have to the specialist for an accurate diagnosis.

Types of papillomas

Papillomas can be the following types:

  • the ordinary or vulgar warts;
  • thread-shaped;
  • flat;
  • Condylomata acuminata;
  • Plantar warts;
  • Juvenile Warts.

The exact nature of the papillomas can be set only by the treating physician. It is recommended that you directly to the professionals apply in the case of the detection of the characteristic outgrowths on the skin and mucous membranes tissue.

Papillomas Ordinary

Ordinary papillomas called vulgar warts. This type of tumors is widely used among the people in the young and middle-aged. Most such tumors are appearing on the fingers. Promote the growth of papillomas ordinary skin damage, the development of fungal diseases and the constant contact with aggressive political means.

Ordinary Papilloma

Vulgar warts are small, extend beyond the skin veil. Neoplasms usually flesh-colored. Warts are not a threat to the health, if not damaged during the hygienic measures during the execution of the homework. The active growth of the papillomas is the indication for their removal.

Thread-Like Papillomas

Filiform Papilloma these tumors on a thin stalk, the narrow bollards. There are such excesses in the armpits, neck and under the mammary glands and face.

In the case of damage to the filamentous Papilloma inflamed, perhaps, the occurrence of short-term bleeding. Color Neoplasms Nude. Experts filamentous papillomas removal with the help of Laser or cryoablation, especially if the skin is prone to excesses of dynamic growth and damage.

Flat Papillomas

Flat papillomas of the classic wart is slightly yellow, which appear on the face, skin, body, and feet. Can intensively grow on the background of frequent damage, tend to the inflamed and cause itching.

Flat Papilloma

Due to the uncomfortable sensations of flat papillomas is recommended to be treated surgically, as long as the tumors are small. Large growths on the skin excise scalpel have.

Condylomata acuminata

A favorite place of localization of the genital warts on the genitals, and the area of the groin. Genital warts appear after unprotected sexual contacts. A particular feature of tumors is an active growth. Small sexual papillomas tend to merge, and the formation of phases, with an indistinct outlines and bumpy surface. Large Condylomata acuminata often damaged, making the investment in a secondary infection.

Important! Warts anogenital'nye can not be ignored. Some strains of HPV, provokes hyperplasia of the mucous membrane of the sexual organs, cause the growth of malignant tumors.

The tips of the papillomas of the best Laser, the layer is evaporated pathological cells, so that to not disturb any deformation and scarring of the functionality of the surrounding tissue.

Plantar warts

Plantar warts on the feet localized. Appear in dense growths can cause, what to pain while walking.

Plantar Wart

Neoplasms of this type often disappear by themselves, but mainly in child age. Plantar warts can be confused with calluses, which, in contrast to papillomas, have a pretty smooth surface.

Juvenile Warts

Papilloma juvenile type are rare. You suffer from younger children in the preschool age. The infection takes place during the natural birth, if the mother in the genital area genital warts have. The child papillomas appear skin on the mouth, hit to cause the vocal cords, impairment of the respiratory function. To avoid such undesirable effects, it is recommended that the surgical treatment immediately after the capture of juvenile warts.

To belong to the rare kind of papillomas warts Lewandowski-Lucca. Ill Co children and younger adolescents. On the hands and feet of the child brown papillomas appear dark. They can be malignant, if you hesitate with the implementation of the surgical treatment.

Huge acuminata Buske-Levenshtein

Huge acuminata Buske-Levenshtein is carcinomatosis sexual wart, with active growth, tendency to recur even after complete removal. Of the Tumor, the healthy tissue in the location of the squamous cell carcinoma is degenerate destroyed.

This feature requires a thorough diagnosis and urgent referral to the specialist at the first signs of such neoplasms.

The clinical symptoms of giant warts

Huge acuminata can occur, such as in the young, and in advanced age. They usually appear on the genitals. A favorite place of localization of the Penis. Men are affected more often than women. A huge kondilomu precancerous diseases. Lack of personal Hygiene, the harmful effect of external factors, and decreased immunity magnetization tissues accelerate.

The disease develops within several months. First of all, on the skin small papillomas appear susceptible to the Fusion. With time, they will form a large kondilomu. It has different growths on the sides with a distinct furrows. Formation of new showy Horny departments covered. Huge acuminata inclined underwear hurt. Damage to the tumor is possible during intimate contacts. Between the furrows the mystery accumulates, it begins to smell bad. This creates favorable conditions for the multiplication of pathogens and the formation of purulent discharge.

Huge acuminata

Huge acuminata most commonly appears on the head of the Penis or in the coronal sulcus. In females, such a localized papillomas on the lips and the organs of the urinary system. The Tumor grows slowly, but amazingly deep tissue, which can lead to reproductive disorders in the future. But the most threatening complication is the development of squamous cell cancer.

During the investigation, the huge warts

In the case of suspected HPV in the genital area, please contact venereal diseases. The specialist will prescribe PCR-diagnostics detects and certain strains of HPV. Giant Condylomata need to differentiate from the papillomatosis, of secondary Syphilis. Necessarily the histological examination, which prevents malignant pathology spend.

The treatment of giant papillomas

Huge papillomas of the genital area with a scalpel to remove. It is extremely important, as soon as possible, to an Operation for the prevention of cancer pathology. In addition, cryotherapy is recommended in order to minimize the risk of aggravation of neoplasms in the future.

Surgical treatments combined with anti-viral and immune-stimulating agents. Experts believe that it is necessary to take interferon orally and topically. This allows a higher efficiency of the treatment process.

The main principles of treatment

The scheme of treatment of papillomas in women and men, the specialist participates in the individual order. If papilloma virus administered is detectable before the onset of clinical manifestations, cytotoxic drugs. This prevents the activation of HPV in the course of the next few years. The asymptomatic HPV infection is not a reason to abandon treatment. It is recommended, even in the absence of clinical manifestations regularly diagnose, and use of barrier contraception to prevent infection of sexual partners.

The classic variant of the papillomami all parts of the body and to the genitals the surgery is. Today, experts offer minimally invasive techniques, including laser coagulation. Safe way of the removal of papillomas solve the Problem of benign growths, caused by the activation of the in the body of the existing virus particle.

In the case of smaller tumors, the application of methods of chemical decomposition is. A unique application of the aggressive formulations to the skin, papillomatous outgrowths leads to irreversible consequences and the destruction of tumors.

But the removal of the papillomas do not completely solves the Problem of HPV infection. It is important influence on the Virus itself, the inside of the body. The growth of the abnormal tissue can drugs with the help of anti viral. The agent inhibits the further increase in the number of pathogens and has a stimulating effect on the immune system.


Immunity in case of occurrence of papillomas weakened often. It is one of the characteristic signs of HPV infection. HPV inhibits the activity of protective cells that hyperplasia of the surface layers of the skin provoked.

The complex treatment of papillomas involves the use of immune-stimulating drugs. They often also have anti-inflammatory and anti-viral activity. The combined effect of the resources and allows you to achieve the highest possible activity of the used treatment and the reduction in the number of relapses in the year.


Immune modulators of HPV infection, a qualified specialist, the selected individual scheme of drug therapy. Immune stimulant at the first place medication interferonum, the forms may have different dosage forms, including vaginal suppositories.

Interferonum in the Form of Gels and ointments to be effective in the early stages of the growth of the papillomas. If many neoplasms and intensively with each other, local funds do not get along. A complex System of therapy, which includes the ingestion of Interferon in the Form of tablets or injections.

Herbal immune stimulants

The advantage of the immune-stimulating herbal remedies, the naturalness is. But the rapid strengthening of the immune system do not reach success with your help. Herbal preparations have a cumulative effect. Common immune-stimulating agent, with a natural composition, is Echinacea. On the basis of this plant in different medicines that can be used for several months.

Detection even multiple papillomas is a worrying sign. This can be done through the weakening of the natural protective forces of the organism. They primarily pay attention to the condition of immunity. Can you strengthen it, among other things, with the correction of the diet. Used products contain a rich amount of vitamins and trace elements, organic acids and antioxidants. For the fortress of the immunity makes sense to accept the pcheloprodukti, Ginseng, rose hips, fresh Can and fruit.

Minimally invasive surgical treatment

Minimally invasive methods for removal of papillomas has enjoyed great popularity, mainly due to the high cosmetic effect. The use of modern methods to get rid of, tumors of the small and medium-sized practically bloodless. The rapid healing of the tissue leaves no scars, and other visible defects in the appearance.

Delete the papillomas

But in spite of the high efficiency, the modern surgical ways to get rid of, papillomatous outgrowths of certain limitations and contraindications have:

  • the presence of malignant tumors;
  • aggressive growth viral papillomas and warts;
  • the accession of secondary infection, evidence for the emergence of the inflammatory process;
  • the presence of Herpes;
  • Exacerbation of somatic diseases, and infectious processes;
  • Pregnancy.

Contraindications to the use of a minimum of-to be identified-invasive surgical techniques, during the preparation phase, as specialists in complex laboratory investigations, advice of specialized professionals.

When should I remove the papilloma

Papilloma can remove without complaints about the state, even if the Tumor is very small and nothing is a danger to health. Skin-growths — it is a cause that many want to get rid of.

The main indications for the removal of papillomas:

  • Location of tumors in a place where you can often get damaged and inflamed under the action of negative external factors (Extreme temperatures, moisture, friction of the clothing);
  • the active growth of papillomatous growths on the skin or in the mucous membrane of the genitals, the mouth mucous membrane of skin;
  • Function error healthy tissue by the growth of papillomas;
  • high risk of malignancy, detection of potentially dangerous strains of HPV;
  • the planning of the pregnancy, the hormonal changes of the body, promotes the rapid growth of benign and malignant neoplasms.

If the doctor to get rid of advises of papillomas, is to listen to his opinion. With each year, the number of malignant tumors to grow, and it is a disturbing fact. Better benign Tumor removed in time, because none of the doctors can't exactly say that in the course of time, papillomas developed in the cancer tumors.

Laser coagulation

With a Laser, papillomas removal on all areas of the body, face and in the genital area. The method is characterized by maximum efficiency and safety. Laser layer-by-layer evaporated pathological cells, so that no blood vessels. After deleting a small crust, which is alienated appears gradually over several weeks.

Completely healing an essential advantage of the application of this method. Many forgo the surgical treatment only due to the fact that the fear of a deterioration in the condition of the skin on the open areas of the body and face. Papillomas tend to relapse, to warn the with the help of anti viral drugs immunocorrection drugs.


Freezing the warts with liquid nitrogen by low-temperature are practically not inferior to the popularity of the method of Laser coagulation.


The active agent in the tumors with the help of the applicator. By instant freezing formation is rarely white, but then a hyperemia with a small swelling arises. The plot of land covered by a dense crust, under which begins the process of epithelialization. Necrotic areas is gradually replacing the healthy tissue. On the skin, scarring will remain.


The removal of papillomas with the use of the electric current is a cost-effective and proven method of surgical treatment. The electro coagulator cuts not only the formation but also the blood seals blood vessels and capillaries, warns the exudation of blood from the damaged vessel walls. Recommended in combination with electro-coagulation-specific immune-stimulating therapy and anti-viral agent.

Radio-Wave Treatment

Radio waves provide for the removal of the quality-appropriate neoplasms with mini-injuries paint. During the procedure, radiono vessels clot. In combination with the anti-viral therapy method provides effective results. Immune-boosting medications prescribe with frequent recurrences of papilloma and General weakening of the body.

The use of cytotoxic Dröge

A drug often used for the removal of papillomas in women and men. The Tool contains a number of acids. In addition, copper nitrate, the substance dries ostrokonechnih kondilom, of papillomas and warts.

The Tool allows pain-free removal of small tumors. The drug is not suitable for the machining of large papillomas and warts. After the application of the means of formation dries. If papilloma single, only a use. In the case of multiple papillomatous wyrostach requires several applications. The break between treatments should be at least a week. Gradually material neoplasms covered by a dense crust, which disappears in a few days.

Treated Papilloma

The recovery of the treated surfaces is fast. Scars on the skin. Large warts and papillomas are gradually reduced in size, but typically do not reach their complete disappearance is only a single drug is successful.

The final destruction of the human papilloma virus is not possible. The treatment is aimed primarily at the liberation of the main signs of the disease and prevention of recurrence in the future. Removal of tumors does not preclude the transmission of HPV, contact with people who mostly already have human papillomavirus infection in a latent Form. The greatest danger papillomas are for people with a poor inheritance, when in close relationship, there are cases of cervical cancer and other malignant diseases.

It is the attention to the prevention of re-occurrence of papillomas is important. You must have a regular use of interferons on the background of the balanced life style. It is recommended to use lassig intimate relationships, barrier methods of contraception, the warts against HPV infection and its most aggressive Form-genital. Girls and women up to 45 years can a vaccination. Vaccinations are available in almost all regions. In many areas they do today, completely free of charge. The vaccination you can begin with 9 years.