To remove papillomas natural remedies and medicines at home

The emergence of be caused of warts on the body immunocompromised people and addictions can light, prolonged exposure to the sun and the wrong Hygiene. You can remove papillomas, perhaps, in the medical way, or at home.

What not to do?

Features papilloma removal

Strictly forbidden to cut unwanted usual growths with a sharp knife, a scissors or a blade. It is diseases, full of hit in the wound to infection and in the worst case — perhaps even the development of cancer of the skin.

Warts on the delicate skin of the eyelids, in the mouth and on the mucous membranes of the nose cavity can be only under the control of dermatologists. The other approaches to self-dry, so the skin, such as dead cells. It is important, caution, and accuracy, in accordance with the procedure not caused scars and burns.

Characteristics of removal of papillomas, depending on the location on the body

In the removal of papillomas even at home, you need to consider the place of occurrence of the undesirable outgrowth. You can.on the face, the neck, the feet, the hands, in the intimate zones, in the vicinity of the mucous membranes of the body

Homemade methods used successfully for the removal of warts on the soles of the feet and hands, where the skin is coarser, and is able to recover faster from wounds. The faster improvement in promoting simultaneous adoption of anti-viral and immune-stimulating medication.

Baths with extracts of horse chestnut

The fruits of the horse chestnut is rich in healing. You are able to reduce inflammation and swelling, promote blood circulation. The ripening chestnuts harvested in September, washed, and dried in a dark place for later use.

Chestnut brown infusion is used successfully in the home environment for the add in the spas by dermatologists in the fight against papillomami.

The steps in the procedure the following:

  1. Clean the chestnuts and wash;
  2. Fill half of a clean bucket and add the fruit with boiling water;
  3. You give the Infusion for 10 hours, soak at least;
  4. Next, you need to let the mixture drain and pour into the tub filled with water a pleasant temperature for the body.

The treatment should be every 2-3 days for 20 minutes. After 2 weeks of Papilloma dry out and fall down.

Bathroom with a Phenol

Phenol will help the protein structure to destroy papillomas. The solution is used for external application and point-like treatment of the plants. On hands and feet before beginning the procedure, the skin should soften in a warm bath. The drug is strictly prohibited for the treatment of warts on the intimate parts of the skin and of the mucous membranes make.

Celandine against Papillomavirus

Celandine against Papillomavirus

Unwanted outgrowth of celandine can burn. It is important to take care in this process, and avoid contact with the juice of the plant to the healthy skin. For this range of papillomas patch.

Juice from the stalk of celandine, you need to outgrowth of the treatment daily until the complete disappearance of tumors. In the course of treatment of papilloma in black and falls off. Effect of the substance chelidonine, which burns the wart. After this exposure on the skin, a small scar may remain.


This method involves the use of the green unripe nuts. You need to fine-crushed with the help of the blender or meat grinder. They are then placed in a glass bowl with the kerosene.

The mixture must insist three weeks in the refrigerator. Thereafter, the slurry is filtered and drained and the resulting liquid poured into a suitable container. Use for the preparation of compresses, gauze bandages, which are applied on the affected area of the skin for half an hour.

Gauze during the procedure, moistened on a regular basis. The treatment is carried out every evening. Already after a week of Papilloma can be reduced, and lost two.

Chicken eggs

Small papillomas treated Protein chicken can be. To harvested for this purpose cotton swabs protein from the eggs shell eggs broken lubricate and growths. Run the procedure a couple of times per day for a month.

The treatment is suitable and the shell. It is dried in the oven for 20 minutes, moistened and triturated. Egg powder to fall asleep outgrowth, close it, stick a piece of cotton wool and plasters. Once in three days, the content of Dressings changed. After three weeks the wart will disappear.

Aloe in the fight with papillomami

There are several types of treatments with this healing plant:

  • Within a week the wart cut a piece along the blade, and fix the patch. Important to change the dry leaves as often as possible.
  • You can do add the Kalanchoe in the Aloe juice in equal proportions and gauze compresses to the affected skin. Dressings changed 3-4 times a day.
  • The activity of the Virus, the consumption of the juice of the plant to the inside. The mixture of Aloe with honey and lemon will strengthen the immune system.
  • According to medical operations for the removal of papillomas Aloe helps the skin to recover. Lubricate can inflamed every two hours during the day.

Garlic and onions

Garlic ointment is able to remove even the old papillomas. Medical ointment is toes, both of the child and any moisture cream, with the addition of crushed large garlic.

  1. A thick layer is applied to the wart, attached to gauze, cling film and plaster.
  2. After 3 hours, remove the bandage and the skin washed with water.

Upon the occurrence of paraesthesia and burning sensation during the treatment should be interrupted. The method is contraindicated for sensitive skin. If the procedure causes any discomfort, you will spend the week twice on the day. After a three-day break, repeat.

Potatoes against papillomas

Cope with warts helps varieties of potatoes pink. Can crushed convenient way, and the resulting mixture is thoroughly drained. The flesh of the fruit for compresses use. On papillomu, and cover with gauze, wrap and tape. Two weeks of nightly procedures to get rid of unwanted plants.

The affected area cut tuber clean in two halves. Make Can and tincture: the young shoots of the potato mixed with vodka celandine and thuja branches. Mixture to insist, day and treats your warts.

Castor oil

Fatty acids oils are capable of, dead, dead areas of the skin. It does not irritate the Dermis, and it can be through the mucous membrane areas of the body or in the intimate zones

The damaged area of the skin a cotton swab treated with the oil for 10 minutes. Allows the use of half an hour compresses. The effect is only visible in the daily treatment. Warm baths prior to the start of the procedure, accelerate the healing process.

Hydrogen peroxide

The liquid is not able to kill the Virus permanently, but causes a rapid dehydration of the warts. Before you need it, to Test for allergic reaction. A drop of hydrogen peroxide on the back side of the wrist, should not cause redness and itching. Only in this case you can for your treatments.

Papillomas can be processed 4-5 times a day with a cotton swab. Hydrogen peroxide used and for compresses. You should be applied on the 4 hours, then the replacement of the old compress on the new must. The wart itself must fall after about a week.

Dermatologists recommend a combination of hydrogen peroxide with oak bark as an efficient and economical recipe.

Half a Cup of boiling water brewed bark and leave for days. Then the water is drained and add a tablespoon of antiseptic. The mixture kept in the fridge. Treatment produce three times a day for 3 weeks in the Form of envelopes up to 30 minutes. After the procedure the skin milk grated.


Iodine is not used in the mucous areas of the body, including the face, neck and on the intimate places. You treat small holistic warts, in this Form of sprouted grains does not play a role.

The damaged area of the skin before the treatment, thoroughly with soap. The skin around the papillomas fat cream lubricate and with a soaked slices. Then you have the wart with a cotton swab iodine on a half a Minute In the case of the excrescence hanging-treatment start with the legs.

Iodine you can go with a green color. The procedure is not 3-4 times a day until the warts fall off. The effect is positive only in the case of regular treatment.

Onion skins

The bow proved to be a good agent for the removal of papillomas at home. Glass bowl filled with a Cup, you should pour vinegar. The mixture should be two weeks. To a warm and dry place will fit, where no sunlight penetrates.

Then vinegar is poured off, and the bowl for compresses use. You can strengthen left a piece of gauze and medical tape on papillomas and to stand overnight. In the morning, clean the skin with water and apply the cream, to prevent you from flaking and drying out.

Dandelion for warts

Skin defects treated, and the ordinary dandelion. Its juice can it several times directly on the wart of the day. For the preparation of tinctures from you with a convenient glass container and put it in the heads of the flowers. For the Dressing, every perfume fits. After two weeks, the mixture is decanted and lubricate your affected skin.

They prepare a drink from this flower with celandine. Blend of herbs brewed with boiling water and infuse for half an hour. Then strain, with hot water and drink throughout the day.

Dandelion for warts


Vinegar essence is able to papillomu burn together with the root. Apple cider vinegar has a mild effect. The remedy should wart treatment only and not the wet, healthy skin. Pure vinegar is not recommended.

There are several recipes of medical tinctures with vinegar:

  • Vinegar with lemon. Fruit cut in acid soak for 2 weeks. Then the lemon slices on the wart and attach the binding for the night.
  • Vinegar and flour. It stirred until thick, and use for drawing on the papillomas. To remove after full drying of the mixture.
  • Vinegar and wood ashes.
  • The vinegar and garlic. Cloves marinated in Apple cider acid applied and sprouted grains.


The soap should be of a thick layer on the night. Growths should day the treatment for a week each. Impregnate the gauze and apply to injured bodies give.


Kerosene for the treatment of papillomas used together with green walnuts. Pour the crushed young cores and leave for 2-3 weeks. After the pumping of the resulting press cake is used for the treatment of growths. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator.


Is one of the means available to itself can buy in the pharmacy without a prescription. It is capable to remove the upper part of the small papillomas, but leaves its root. And this can lead to in the future, a new training in the same place.

At home, you can easily remove pappiloma with patches from the pharmacy

Doctors do not use tape on the mucous membranes of the body, in the areas of the face, and especially during pregnancy recommend.

The Patch contains salicylic acid, which corrodes papillomu. The combination of this method of treatment is with the ingestion of immune-stimulating and anti-viral drugs helps to accelerate the process of the elimination of neoplasms.

Prior to the start of the procedure, it is important to steam and clean the selected site on the skin. A piece of tape cut out, strictly according to the size of the papillomas and on 5 days. In this time, the treated area is not water. Does not allow the implementation of further procedures, if the Tumor disappeared after the first treatment.

Pharmaceutical Agents

Numerous Tools for the removal of papillomas at home and in pharmacies. You will like the recipes, and without them.