Papillomavirus (HPV)

Papilloma — a benign Tumor caused by HPV (papillomavirusom people) and occurs in different parts of the body: armpits, on the vocal cords, on the genitals, on the eyelids, on the neck, in the bladder, on the mucous membranes of the nose and the mouth.

Simple Papillomas

Top 5 most terrible facts that you need to know about HPV

  1. The scientists found more than 190 types of HPV. Of which at least 13 types of diseases are the cause of cancer.
  2. In 2011, scientists in Australia have conducted a study according to which the connection of breast cancer with HPV.
  3. Cervical cancer (or CC) in 100% of cases on the ground of exposure to HPV.
  4. By the end of 2013, the vaccine against HPV introduced in 55 countries.
  5. For today there are no drugs and techniques that gave you the Virus from the body to 100%.

What does that tell you? At least about the fact that HPV is not harmless growths that appear on the skin. If you recommend a lot of papillomas, special investigations, and be attentive to the health.

Varieties Of Papillomas. Only more than 190 types

Capture and describe all the types of difficult. So in this article we will be collected frequently.

  • Simple (ordinary, vulgar). Appear as round papules of the size of a pinhead, growth, grow, get a rough surface. Often 1 wart first appears, and you come around in the course of time, with the years they are becoming more. This type of wart appears on the palms of the hands, between the fingers and toes, on the feet and sole, on the forehead, in the area of the lips and the chin. The treatment is quite complicated.
  • Thread-shaped (acrochordus). By 2 and 7 types of the Virus, eyelids, under the mammary glands, on the neck, in the area, and the other bars are created on the eyes. The most common are occur in women and men. In the first Phase, the seal is yellowish, about 1-4 weeks, it is expected. Acrochordus can hang an oblong or round Form, almost always, as it were, on a thin stalk. In the majority of cases occur in people with a weakened immune system, but also in those older than 40 years.
  • Haimburger. The groups in different parts of the body: the Anus, on the genitals, in the face, on the back; often flat papillomas in the cervix, and on the surface of other organs. The look is reminiscent of a wart or convex with a large birthmark; growths brown, camel or dark brown shades; the "rise" below the surface of the skin approximately 0.5-2.5 mm.
  • Condylomata acuminata. The individual approaches are sharp-the ultimate in shape and pink. Mostly, warts are "summarized" in a large excrescence of a Turkey is reminiscent to the appearance of the comb of the cock or the nose. Genital only the communicable diseases are warts, therefore, are often located on the neck of the uterus, the mucous membrane of the genitals, on the Penis, in the urethra and on other sites. The risk of warts consists in its destructive character, and lightning-fast distribution.
Thread-Like Papillomas

The causes of the emergence of. How, where, and why do they occur?

The natural cause of the unpleasant warts and growths HPV (also human Papilloma Virus). The prevalence of virus infection in the human population more than 60 %. This means that almost every second person is a potential carrier of the Virus.

Possibilities of the spread of the Virus are the following:

  • Sexual. The Virus is by sexual contact, on the body, Condylomata acuminata appear (they are the same warts and anogenital).
  • At the time of birth. At birth the body of the newborn "catchy" Virus, and after that, in the case of the children, warts and papillomas are. They are usually found in the child at the age of several months.
  • In everyday life, in public transport and other public places. A Virus can exist, in the toilets, on the railing rods and the seats of public means of transport, clothing and footwear, products and days. In the human body skin damage, wounds and cracking. They had baths, be careful when visiting the baths, swimming, saunas.
  • In the implementation of certain procedures. For example, you "can HPV when shaving or Epilation catch".

The Virus does not hide, not flee. However, there is still a positive message: in 90% of cases, the body is able to with HPV. Without tablets, without injections, without surgery.

Diagnosis of papillomas types

The diagnosis includes a minimum of 7 treatments, which can be used for the detection of HPV in the body, determining the type and method of treatment/disposal:

  1. Based on clinical examination. On the receipt of a specialists in all types of growths on the body of the patient available found. The doctor examines you and makes notes. If you have warts anogenital'nye discovered, it is a visit to the woman doctor, the condition of the cervix; men procedure ureteroscopy are.
  2. Colposcopy. Is a diagnostic examination of the female genital organs by means of a special device called a colposcope. The usual colposcopy not for the use of medicines and drugs, it's not very effective. Colposcopy with the use of medicinal products makes it possible to detect the Virus and its symptoms. For the procedure of the Test with acetic acid (or Acetic Acid Test) applies.
  3. Cytological Investigation. A classification is made according to the so-called PAP — smear test, which includes 5 classes. First normal cytological picture, the exposure to the cold – a large number of atipičeskih cells (can cause cancer).
  4. The histological examination. In the implementation of the deeper areas of malpighia layer to explore have on the development in you koilocyte.
  5. Typing PCR. By the way, you can detect certain types of viruses. But there are also disadvantages: in 20% of cases, typing an incorrect result (due to the fact that the infection has short-term character) is. But the research is very important in the diagnosis of Virus and other diseases.
  6. Digene-Test (or screening Test). The method is used worldwide for rapid identification of high concentrations of the Virus in the body. Digene-Test is very popular as it guarantees the accuracy of the study.
  7. Polymerase chain reaction (or PCR). Detects not only viruses, but also other sexually transmitted diseases.

How dangerous papillomas?

The small "wart", not to be noticed, it is on your body, but carries with it a great danger. Papillomas cause a terrible disease:

  • Of Cervical Dysplasia.
  • Flat Papillomas
  • Cervical cancer (CC).
  • Cancer.
  • The mouth cancer.
  • Impotence.
  • Shortness of breath, symptoms of Asthma (especially in children).
  • Cancer of the larynx.
  • Lesions of the mucous membranes.
  • Bowen's Disease.
  • The mouth cancer.

Wart "established" on the forehead, on the chin or above the lip, lowers her self-esteem and attracts unnecessary attention from others. Papilloma can be tingling to grow on the inside of the shell century, so because of her, a constant sensation of "splinter in the eye", the beauty of the eyeballs.

"Growths" cause aesthetic and psychological problems. But the risks of health problems (including cancer and precancerous).

Treatment and removal of papillomas. How is it made?

It is important to understand that there is no way to destroy the dignity of HPV. Everything we do today — to remove the symptoms (in the Form of warts, papillomas and other growths on the body). Create precursors of cancer and cancer - (not HPV!). There are cases when HPV in the body lived Medium 20-30 years, but showed up on the skin.

General therapy with antiviral drugs and immune modulators administered in rare cases. Doctors prescribe these medicines in case if you are dealing with highly oncogenic types of the Virus.

In the cases of most of the a good medicine show on medicinal plants, enough for 1 times in a year, they are pretty inhibit fast human Papilloma Virus.

Removal of diseased tissue in the official medicine, with the following methods:

  • Surgical Removal Of The Body. Is an Extreme measure in the fight against warts, and papillomami. The rule is used when the structure become too big. The removal requires no preparation of the patient, the high qualification of the treating physician, the use of local anesthesia. After the engagement seam superimposed, to connect tissue. The skin heals in 3-4 weeks, but it can remain a scar/tripe.
  • Electro-coagulation. Procedure is the impact on the structure of electric shock from one. Need to "burn out" is not the whole of the affected area, but only the Basis. The main advantage of the method is that the vessels know, properly welded, the blood almost no. Restoration of the skin takes place over 7-10 days, the risk of scarring is minimal.
  • Laser photocoagulation (Laser distance). The implications on the stove outgrowth of the laser beam. Laser photocoagulation is done without General anesthesia, it will disappear after a few minutes of rough crust forms on the skin (you quickly, without leaving a trace). The risk of scarring is low, remove the procedure fast accumulation of warts or warts. The only disadvantage – the high cost of the Operation.
  • Moxibustion Nitrogen (Cryotherapy). For the procedure, you will need a tiny drop of liquid nitrogen on the wart and immediately the protein destroyed structure. Allows you to removes the removal of unpleasant outgrowth already after 7-10 days. Moxibustion nitrogen (cryotherapy) is a cost-effective and effective way, but with a great defeat, you may need multiple sessions. The method is active in the state hospitals and private clinics, health centers, and aesthetics. The only minus – the risk of recurrence of the excrescence, when the expert is not the end of his prizheg.
  • Condylomata acuminata
  • Radio surgery. Will not work in all cases, this is done with the use of the device Surgitron. The method appeared not so long ago, can painlessly and quickly remove all the unpleasant growths. But so far, radio surgery is a little because of the high cost of the equipment and the great price of the service.
  • The method of chemical decomposition. For the implementation of the method with "strong" chemicals and acids. These compounds bear on the surface of genital warts, warts, or papillomas, without the use of special equipment. The method is cheap, but relatively effective.

Treatment and removal of people's ways

To go if you are afraid to see a doctor, if you don't have money for expensive surgeries, you can try the treatment and removal of people's ways. We have the most effective methods of removal of the papillomas themselves, read this page: removal of papillomas at home.

By a virus like HPV? Prevention and important information

So far, the scientists have been working on the development of a universal medication to combat the disease. Among the measures of prevention:

  • Barrier Contraception (Condom). You can use this method against HPV, a sexually transmitted.
  • The vaccine was developed in the USA, since 2006, serves for the protection of girls from CC, caused by a Virus; it is expensive.
  • Hygiene at the household level. You can ferebat live with someone-virus, but also do not know. Therefore, you take care of the Hygiene in everyday life.
  • Hygiene in public areas. The Virus is through wounds, cracks and damage to the skin. If you have them, you should refrain from visiting public places (or, at least, protect the affected patch).

We hope that you now know about all of the HPV!