The effectiveness of using ointments to treat papillomas: an overview of popular remedies

Papilloma ointment is an effective and safe means of removing growths. It is prescribed by doctors after examination and has a local antiviral effect. If you follow the instructions, you can quickly get a positive result.

Papilloma ointment

The effectiveness of the ointment

It is not worth hoping that the warts will go away on their own, they are caused by the papillomavirus that needs treatment. Scientists have not invented a single cure for the disease, but they do offer a range of effective drugs with antiviral effects to stop the disease from spreading.

The action of creams and gels is aimed at destroying the deposits and increasing immune forces. A healthy body can withstand the disease better if it is infected, it does not allow uncontrolled cell division, the disease disappears without symptoms that damage the aesthetic appearance of the skin.

Ointment for removing warts and papillomas is a popular method of treating growths. Unlike other methods, it does not irritate the skin or provoke scars. The product is applied to the body, face, mucous membranes, skin around eyes and mouth, tongue, chest area, groin. Different types of ointments and gels are offered in pharmacies, differing in the list of components and the principle of action, but almost all of them are made of water, an active ingredient and natural oil. The preparations contain proven hypoallergenic ingredients that are also suitable for treating babies.

Topical HPV drug forms

In the treatment of human papillomavirus infection, three forms of drugs are used, each of which has its own properties and scope. Cream for papillomas should not be replaced with an analog (in the form of a gel or ointment) without notifying the doctor. The concentration of the active ingredient in the forms is completely different, you can overdo it with therapy or not wait for the effect. In the fight against papillomas, such external forms of drugs help:

  • Gel - is characterized by a soft, water-based consistency, does not contain fats, oils. Quickly penetrates the skin, rarely gives allergic reactions, does not contain preservatives, allergens. For use on mucous membranes, sensitive skin areas;
  • Ointment - contains an increased amount of fat, is characterized by a deep form of penetration of the active ingredient, concentrated. Recommended for use on rough, dry areas of the skin. Do not use on weeping wounds with infiltration;
  • Cream - contains water and vegetable oils in a ratio of 80% oil and 20% water. Multi-component creams affect the problem in complex ways. It is absorbed faster than ointment, does not leave any marks on clothing. Apply to delicate, rough skin.

The difference between pharmacological forms lies in the length of storage. Once opened, the ointment works for 6 months. The duration of the use of creams is 3 months, and the gel from papillomas deteriorates in 1 month.

Ointments and creams for papillomas

Cauterization of papillomas does not always give the expected result. Laser, cryodestruction can affect a neoplasm, and when a person has papillomatosis, the warts can be difficult to completely go away. The affected area can be treated with cream or gel, but a dermatologist must choose it taking into account the individual characteristics of the body.

You can remove papillomas with drugs that contain zinc, castor oil, and celandine.

When choosing an effective drug, the doctor takes into account the place of papilloma formation and its type, the presence of inflammation in the area of growth, additional signs: itching, burning, bleeding, pain.

There is an opinion on the Internet that a paste, including a sulfur and zinc solution, is helpful in therapy. Do not listen to the opinions of pseudo-medical experts. Applying aggressive components to the skin leads to damage to the skin, and the wound formed at the burn site leaves a scar that is much more difficult to remove than a papilloma.

How to make homemade ointment

Antiviral ointments for papillomas can be prepared at home. A product based on propolis has proven itself. Mix 300 g propolis and 50 g lard. The substance is insisted in the refrigerator and applied to the affected areas. Propolis has an active effect on the neoplasm, and fat prevents irritation. The result is not long in coming, the structure dries off after two weeks.

Popular is a popular recipe for an ointment for warts and papillomas, the basis of which is garlic. The product is made from garlic pulp, vinegar, wheat flour. The mixture turns out thick, it can even be applied as a compress. Garlic burns off excess warts, vinegar penetrates, clears the virus, and wheat flour soothes the skin and speeds wound healing.

Horseradish is an antiviral agent, the porridge of which is mixed with salt and honey. Treatment is carried out for 6 days, the ointment is applied twice a day. The main thing is not to use folk remedies in the intimate area, otherwise burns are possible. The skin in these areas is sensitive, you risk inflammation, additional symptoms in addition to growth.

Instructions for using topical preparations

Regardless of whether you are treating a flat papilloma or a pointed papilloma, care should be taken when choosing a medicine. Observation by a doctor is the main condition of any therapy; do not use drugs that your acquaintance has prescribed for you with a similar problem. Each drug has indications and contraindications for use, always read them carefully. If you experience a rash or dizziness after applying the product, notify your dermatologist immediately. He will correct the method of application or replace the drug.

Healing a wound after removing a papilloma takes time. In addition to antiviral drugs, do not forget to use antiseptics so as not to get another infection later.

Do not choose the drugs yourself, each substance should be coordinated with the doctor. Some components react with each other, without knowledge of pharmacology there is a risk of triggering allergies and complicating the work of a dermatologist.

If the papilloma is on the heel, knee or a rough area of skin before applying the cream, it is advisable to steam it so that the product is better absorbed. In the case of sensitive areas (neck, glans, female genital area, armpits and eyelids), the skin is greased with a nourishing cream before the aggressive substance is applied.

Contraindications to use

In addition to having a positive effect on the body, anti-papilloma drugs can play a cruel joke with the consumer. Side effects, an adverse consequence of admission, appear when a person ignores the list of contraindications for the drug or uses it after the expiration date. In patients with diabetes mellitus, kidney failure, psoriasis, autoimmune diseases and hypersensitive skin, local agents should be used with extreme caution for therapy. When making a cream at home, pay attention to whether you are allergic to any of the components of the drug.

To get the result, follow the instructions, do not increase the dosage yourself, do not combine products. Remember, papillomas occur due to HPV. You need to treat the virus and increase immunity. Then relapses are rare.